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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mountain Bee Honey, Mountainous Herbs and other specialty gourmet products such as Sweet Specialties and Mediterranean Coarse Sea Salt have all been the main and key supplements in the Mediterranean Diet for thousands of years, and continue to be the healthiest Mediterranean Diet choices even today.

Whether we are to season a freshly cut village arugula salad in our Fall Harvest Oil, embed a grilled octopus and squid in our Winter Harvest Oil accompanied by mountain oregano, freshly chopped parsley and Coarse Sea Salt, or we just want to supplement our sun dried tomatoes and melanzana al forno with a bit of basil and our Kalamon Black Olives. Any one of our motives will avail the use of these Eclectic limited quantity gourmet olive oils.

Our Mediterranean Diet Culinary Mélange includes of course selected wines.  This is so in order for our meals to begin as tastefully and end as velvety as possible. Commencing with a tactfully provoking wine in order to arouse our taste buds, shadowed by a vigilant warm-hearted wine that will accompany our main meal, a modern fruity wine that will culminate with, and embody, our dessert.  Any one of our Premium Estate limited wines astonishes evermore.

A sweet indulgence would be to forever sip on a slightly chilled dessert fruit wine, refresh our lips with freshly cut seasonal juicy fruits, or tease on assorted sweet delights.  Insensibly, we eternally embody our desserts with traditionally prepared seasonal fresh fruit sweet specialties or palpitating mountain bee aromatic honeys. This is a must for any Mediterranean Diet connaisseur.   


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